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Best Foods To Eat (and not eat) While Pregnant

Best Foods To Eat (and not eat) While Pregnant

Pregnancy is an important phase in the life a woman and what she eats and what she does not affects her health as well as that of the offspring. The knowledge of the requirements of …

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The Paleo Recipe Book Review

June 5, 2013 – 4:17 pm |
The Paleo Recipe Book Review

The Paleo Recipe Book Review

If you were looking for a complete, honest and unbiased Paleo Recipe Book review, then you have come to the right place. By now, you have probably heard a lot about the Paleo diet. Over the past few years, this diet has become rather popular. However the guidelines you have to follow are quite strict and you can’t have most traditional foods on this diet; this is why you need a cookbook. So if you are a Paleo dieter and you are considering buying this book, then you should read this review first.

What is included in the Paleo Recipe Book?

Sébastien Noël is the author of this book, which is an extensive three part book set that includes:

- The book: Contains more than 370 easy to cook Paleo recipes
- Paleo Meal Plan: Contains complete dietary process for 8 weeks
- Herbs and spice guide: Contains bonus information about nutritional and medical properties of herbs and spices
- Paleo Sweets: A free cookbook containing Paleo dessert recipes
- Cooking charts, guides and reference sheets

This cookbook contains recipes that include ingredients such as fish, pork, red meat, seafood, and shellfish. This recipe also contains separate recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and a lot more. The good thing is that Sébastien Noël kept people from around the world in mind when writing this book. This means that Paleo dieters with diverse food choices and backgrounds will be able to take advantage of the recipes in this book.

Does the Paleo Recipe Book really help?

Today, the Paleo diet is touted as the healthiest way to eat. It is claimed that this bare essentials diet can help you an average of 10 lbs of weight in the first 10 weeks without any exercises. However, since the guidelines of this diet are strict and the food choices are limited, having this book can prove to be really helpful. What sets this Paleo cookbook apart from other similar books is that it has been written to help dieters bring an exceptional change in their Paleo diet plan. With this book, you will learn new ways of cooking and you won’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Paleo Recipe Book?

Nothing in this world is perfect, so although there are a lot of great things about the this book, there are also things that this book lacks.

Paleo Recipe Book Pros:

- Affordable pricing
- Good information
- Excellent recipes
- 60-day 100% money-back guarantee

Paleo Recipe Book Cons:

- Some cooking experience is required

Explore New Recipes

With Paleo diet recipes, you will be encouraged to explore veggies because, although broccoli and carrots are really good for you, there are so many other veggie options to chose from such as:

- Leeks: Good source of fiber folic acid, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. It is also easier to digest than standard onions
- Bok Choy: Good source of vitamin C and K. It’s also a anti-oxidant and supports weight loss
- Rapini: Good source of vitamin A and K and also reduces the risk of stroke

Don’t limit yourself to just two or three super foods, give your body all the love and goodness it deserves by incorporating a wide variety of vegetables into your diet on a regular basis.By incorporating a larger variety of healthy, natural foods into your diet, you will be giving your body the nutrition it may be missing when you eating a more limited diet. However, what makes the process of exploring new foods even more exciting, and creatively stimulating are recipes. Paleo diet recipes can add spice and spunk to just about anything.

Examples of these recipes are:

- Roasted Salmon with Fennel, red onion and Tomatoes
- Greek Lamb Marinade and
- Moqueca, Brazilian fish stew

Lastly, Paleo diet recipes challenge you to open your mind, expand your pallet and reek the health benefits of maintaining a healthy, varied diet. Until next time, eat adventurously!

Why the Paleo Diet Cookbook Works

Endless Options
In the Paleo Diet Cookbook, there are over 370 recipes which are nutritious and delicious including things like:
-Beef Kabobs with BBQ Eggplant
-Mustard Glazed Drumsticks with Creamy Coleslaw and even
-Double Chocolate Cookies

It’s easier to stick to a plan when there’s so much goodness to choose from; you will never feel deprived.

Realistic Plan You Can Stick To 
There is no calorie counting involved and you actually get to have foods you can sink your teeth into. This is not a meal replacement situation, because there is no reason to replace meals that are both yummy and healthy.

Learn How to Eat Right
By using the Paleo Diet Cookbook, you will learn what foods to eat to keep your body at its optimum health. You will also have fun exploring foods that you may have never eaten before such as:
-Chicken Liver with Grapes and Onions
-Tripe soup with ginger sauce and mint or
-Apple cinnamon omelet

This cookbook expands your food options rather than limits them.

Health Focus 
Unlike diets that focus on weight loss the Paleo Diet Cookbook focus is on meeting your nutritional needs by eating the natural, wholesome foods that mother nature has provided for us. When you are eating healthily, you will lose weight without having to obsess over it. You also wont have terrible cravings that drive you to binge eating.

The Paleo Recipe Book Review Conclusion

The Paleo Recipe Book is definitely a good value and is well worth buying. Now that you have read this review, there is no harm is having a look at this book, especially because it comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. So if you make the wise decision and buy this book now, you will also get a FREE meal plan!

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