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Macrobiotic Diet – The Best Diet For Weight Loss

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Macrobiotic Diet – The Best Diet For Weight Loss

Decades ago, when the word diet came into existence, it was widely used to describe the food needs for longevity and healthy existence. Now, diet holds a different meaning altogether. Diet in modern context refers to a food which promotes weight loss or helps one maintain an ideal body weight. This has made people hunt for the best diet for weight loss. The best diets for weight loss may not necessarily mean a best diet for health or longevity. There are plenty of magic diets proposed to reduce weight drastically, some at the cost of health and some even at the cost of life (hard to believe, but true!!). You might be wondering if there is a magic diet, which can take care of the weight loss and not affect health!

This is no magic, but a secret that was hidden in nature and discovered in the last century by George Ohsawa. This diet has been followed for centuries in countries like Japan, India and few other Asian countries. The new age people call it the MACROBIOTIC DIET. The word ‘macros’ means large or long or big and ‘Bios’ means life in Greek. In short, the secret for a long and healthy life lies in this diet. Why is it called the best diet for weight loss? The macrobiotic diet is a wholesome high fiber and low calorie diet, which keeps obesity at bay and is the best diet for weight loss.

The rules of the macrobiotic diet are easy to understand. Simplicity is the key, so keep your food simple and as unrefined as possible. Your staple diet revolves around the grain. You heard me right! Unpolished, unrefined and whole grains like the brown rice, wheat, rye, barley and millets. This should constitute about 50% to 60% of your diet. Now, this is not difficult as you can always find breads and rice in the food store near you. Next, come the veggies…. green, white, yellow etc. Almost, all the vegetables are recommended and this should constitute 25% to 30%of your meal. Boil them, steam them or toss them with a unrefined oil. It is your call. Season it with moderate spice or ginger or mustard or little pepper and sea salt. It is up to you to decide, how you want to have it.The remaining 10% is the beans, all varieties of them. It is to bring the protein content in your diet.

Now, this sounds wholesome and pretty filling too. You need not starve yourself while losing those pounds. Does it not sound like the best diet for weight loss? I know, what many of you might be thinking…the desserts….right!! You need not give them up either. Unbelievable but true, the best diet for weight loss does not compromise on your sweet tooth. It just recommends that you sweeten things the right way with the rice syrup or barley malt or the sweet fruits. Fruits!! You can have all of them except the tropical fruits like mango and the pineapple. You can have them many times a week.

Wondering about the animal foods, the best diet for weight loss recommends sea foods like fish, provided you take them with horse radish, ginger, mustard or wasabi, to detoxify the bad effects. The best diet for weight loss or the macrobiotic diet has a provision for snacking too. Healthy snacking! You can have all the low calorie nuts and seeds and you can even roast them and add a tinge of sea salt (yummy!). This diet also lets you have your favorite noodles and pasta once in a way. A bowl or two of soup is recommended. Soya and tofu are preferred over dairy. You consume soya milk, which is way better than the commercial milk.


The best diet for weight loss or the macrobiotic diet ensures that all your nutritional needs are met. In this modern world, people consume lots of unrefined food which are devoid of nutritional value and they do not stick to a specific eating pattern leading to haphazard eating habits and which in turn lead to a variety of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiac ailments, hypertension etc. he unpolished or the unrefined food consumed in the macrobiotic diet contains lot of vitamins like the B-complex, generally lost during polishing and high fiber content, which improves intestinal motility and keeps constipation at bay. This diet detoxifies your body and keeps the fat away. Unrefined oils provide the necessary good fat and you consume enough of good carbs to keep you going. Macrobiotic diet has anti-cancer properties and is hypoglycemic (good for those suffering from diabetes).


1)You don’t starve yourself here. The food is very filling with high fiber, healthy snacking and soups

2)It is a complete diet, well balanced and wholesome.

3)The high fiber content also helps burn fat better, by moving it out of the tissues.

4)The good proteins help build lean muscle.

5) Macrobiotic diet restores hormonal imbalance.

6)The soups and the fruits increase the basal metabolic rate, helping you burn calories a lot faster, when you exercise.

7)The best diet for weight loss is not nutritionally compromised with all the fruits, veggies and soya bean proteins.

8)It is a low calorie food and suppresses your cravings.

9)You need not feel deprived, giving up desserts and snacks.

10)This diet reduces the symptoms of menopause and also helps get rid of PMS.

When the whole world is going gaga over many man invented crazy diets, it is best to look up to the nature for the best advice. Go centuries back and explore what our ancestors ate and how they thrived without medicines and the refined stuff. Whole foods, consumed in the right proportion, lead to a special kind of harmony within you (mental, emotional and physical). Macrobiotic diet is indeed the best food for the soul and the best diet for weight loss. One of the best programs out there related to Macrobiotic diet is ” FAT IS NOT YOUR FAULT”  CHECK THIS PROGRAM OUT —>>HERE.


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